Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yes, we can

This week, Barack Obama has become the 44th President of USA. The press says there is something in him recalling Martin Luther King. Today we are going to check if this is true by ourselves.

First let's take a look at the following video:

Yes we can, video song and lyrics.

1. How many celebrities can you see?
2. What are their jobs?
3. Why do you think they are quoting the words of a politician?

This song includes sentences of Obama's speech in New Hampshire.

Journalists say his words recall Martin Luther King's famous speech known as "I have a dream".

4. What similarities do you find between both speeches?
5. And what differences can you notice?

Of course, any other comments on this subject will be welcome!

Picture sources:
Scarlett Johansson: Lindsay Johan Watch
Adam Rodríguez: CBS


la Kunstlehrerin said...

The first video has double voices all the time. For that reason, I would have chosen this other version, wich includes English subtitles and, maybe, is easier to understand:

Anyway, the best thing in your blog is your picture (muahahahaha!)

La Teacher said...

Yes, that one is better indeed. I've changed it now.

Thank you.

Manuela said...

The speech of Barack Obama says:

He wants that America (USA) overcomes all the difficulties that are happening to be a big and powerful nation.
He wants all people to have the same rights, and wants equiality between the people.
His sentence is: Yes we can.

The speech of Martin Luther King said:

He wanted equality for black and white people, and he said that all people were brothers.
He wanted liberty, same rights for the people.
He wanted a beautiful symphony of brotherhood for his nation.
His sentence was: I have a dream.

I agree with them. But they always say that America is the best nation, it is big, it is powerful, it is a very important nation. And I don't think it's that important in their speech, but they speak for their country.

Rocío said...

Many people has contributed to the candidacy of Obama. I think Obama is a great person and many people love Obama.

Artists, singers, basketball players... sang for Obama. Many people compared Obama with Martin Luther King.

I think that both are fighting for human rights, fighting for America to be a great nation.

Both thought that freedom was a right and everyone required it.

Martin Luther King said, "He has a dream", and Obama said "we can".

Luther King died because of his fight.

Obama is the future of USA, but also affects everyone.

Erika said...

Similarities between Obama and Luther King:

The similarities are that both have very similar slogan and are consistent with each other.
Too much repeated slogan throughout his speech.
Luther King as well as Obama talks about what immigrants have suffered as American slaves for long and all the contempt and others had to move to survive in America.
Both refer to realize the dream of America.

Differences between Obama and Luther King:

Luther King did not want his four children to be judged by the color of their skin while Obama speaks of everything that women fight for their right to vote without talking about his family.
Obama spoke of the dream of a girl from a small town and children who survive in the harsh streets of L.A. while Luther King spoke of the slums and Mississippi.
Luther King said that police brutality had to stop and Obama made reference to all that the politics said of being more divided now than ever before. They had to be united.

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