Thursday, February 19, 2009

NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Rudy Fernández. Above: At 2008 Olympic Games Final, Spain vs USA. Source: El País. Below: NBA match against Boston Celtics. Source: El País.

Rudy Fernández is one of our greatest basketball stars. You can see his stats at his NBA webpage,

Only the most voted players can go to the All Star show. This is why would-be participants promote themselves. Rudy recorded several advertisements in order to be at the Slam Dunk contest. You can watch them below:

1st. Introducing himself and his style:

2nd. Singing:

3rd. Showing his 10 best slam dunks:

Lots of people voted for him. So he managed to be at the contest. Here is his performance:

Unfortunately he didn't win. But what do you think? Do you like his dunks? Do you believe he deserved to reach the final?


lenin said...

1.That for Rudy was unjust for that smith (the player of the denver nuggets) made it worse that. And also that Nail Robinson(criptonita)if it he should have won for that it was better that did.
2.If,for that he does them with homorous speech and sobriety.
3.I believe that not, for that they did better dull than them of. But at least he should have stayed in third position and noy in it finalizes.

Rocio said...

Hello. I think that Rudi is a grand basketball player. He play very well the Slam Dunk. The punctuation is well because Rudy very took (tardó) dunk on. I think that Rudy at the next, he win.


Manuela said...

I think that Rudi Fernandez play very well and he deserved to be in that game, but the mark was just because he dunk tried several times but it got to the ninth.

I don´t like is in the form in wich the annoucers of the game speak to Rudi, and how Seem that laugh him.
But is normality that they don´t speak well of players of another country because all annoucers speak of this form.

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