Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pop Dreams

We are going to the theatre next week!

Pop Dreams is a musical play about two highschool students who have to perform... another play! After so much thinking, they choose Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare.

We'll know more about the plot tomorrow. And we will enjoy it next Tuesday! In the meanwhile, let me show you another song inspired in Romeo and Juliet. This one, by Dire Straits, in their sublime Alchemy live performance:


Cayetano said...

¡Dire Straits! Me gustan mucho; aunque algunos digan que lo de Mark Knopfler no es cantar. Me da igual. No me gusta que la gente que canta ópera haga rock o pop. Cada uno en su sitio.
Un saludo.

La Teacher said...

I'm very pleased to know you like them too.

die Kunstlehrerin said...

I guess this is not the proper place for this link. You can delete it if you don't find it interesting, Teacher.

die Kunstlehrerin said...

Second try ¬¬

I guess this is not the proper place for this link, but I post it just in case, ok?

La Teacher said...

Thank you, Kunstlehrerin. I've already got my ticket!!!

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