Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup

Shakira is going to sing the official song of the coming South African FIFA World Cup. But according to Telegraph.co.uk it seems that South Africans don't like the idea very much. Some of them believe a South African would sing it better.

You can listen to the official song by Shakira here:

Do you like it? Should Shakira sing it? Or should a South African artist sing it instead?

What do you think?



Cayetano said...

Me imagino que cuando hablas de sudafricanos te refieres a la población mayoritariamente negra, aunque también lo son los blancos.
Tal vez estén escamados con los que vienen de fuera. La población negra bastante ha tenido con el apartheid de los blancos y pueden ver esto como otro intento de colonización americana o anglosajona, aunque la cantante sea latinoamericana.
Un saludo.

La Teacher said...

Well, the article doesn't say anything about colour. But it says that she may have problems with the African words of the song. So maybe you're right, new colonialism could be a cause of the problem.

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die Kunstlehrerin said...

The video is not longer available due to a copyright reclamation.

La Teacher said...

Thank you very much for your award, LorenaY!!!

Kunstlehrerin, thank you too, I'll see if I can find another one.

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