Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Annabel Lee

Halloween is coming, and I would like to post something about one of the greatest writers of horror tales.

Edgar Allan Poe wrote lots of horror short stories. He was great both at prose and verse. Today I'd like to tell you about one of his wonderful poems: Annabel Lee.

Many critics believe this poem was based upon his life. Poe married his thirteen-year-old cousin, Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe. She died very young, after suffering from tuberculosis for five years.

Be it as it may, my point is that Annabel Lee's story is both about love and death. It's quite a nice tale for Halloween, isn't it?

Do you like it?


Luis 3ºB said...

I don't like this poem very much, because the video is very slow, maybe if I see it in a paper, I would like it. So I prefer the history called Hop-Frog, because I think that is a bit funny and interesting.

Eloy said...

the story what i read is: the heart whistleblower.I like the story because i like the terror storys.Also i like the protagonist because in the final he confess the asesinate because he don´t endure the hearbeats.

JAIME M. 3ºB said...

I read the history:the well and the pendulum. I like this history because, is a terror history and I like this type of historys.
I don´t like this video because is more slow and it isn´t pace.
In end I like the history that I read but i hate the history of Annabel Lee.

Dani3B said...

In my opinion this poem is bored,because isn,t interesting and is slow.I prefer "El pozo y el péndulo" the Edgar Allan Poe,because is more interesting,intriguer and the final he save.

Jaime DR 3 B said...

I dont like this poem because is slowly and talk about things that arent interesting fot me.For example, my favourite history from Allan Poe is the black cat because is a terrible history.

Paula 3B said...

I don´t like the poem very much because I think the man is so crazy that he sleep whit a dead woman in her tomb.

In general I don´t like horror stories because of this I don´t like Poe´s tales.But the "The Masque of the Red Death" is
not quite bad because the illness affects everybody, even to the rich people.

Anonymous said...

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