Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Single ladies?

Today our guest stars are Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake. Picture source:

Watch this video
. Do you know what role Justin Timberlake is playing?

a) What does "single ladies" mean?
b) What is Justin always saying?
c) How did Beyoncé expect her dancers to be?
d) Why are those male dancers there?
e) What's a "stepson"?
f) Does Beyoncé finally accept them for her video?
g) Did you like this mock video?

You can watch the official version of this video in this link:

Now, if you want to listen to both of them seriously working together, listen to their song "Until the end of time":

Beyoncé official website:

Justin Timberlake's:


Cayetano said...

Bienvenido sea tu regreso al mundo de los blogueros. Pensé por un momento que habías dejado esto, lo cual sería una pena. Yo sigo aquí, enganchado a mi blog cada día más, como un poseso.

La Teacher said...

Thank you, Cayetano. I'm sorry I didn't update earlier.

Rocio said...


a)Single Ladies in Spanish means "chicas solteras".

b)Always he sais "dancers"

c)She expect the dancers are a beautiful womans.

d)Becouse I think it was a joke.

e)All are the steapson of the presenter.

f)No, she acept dancing with they.

g)Yes because is very funny.


Manuela said...

-Single ladies mean damas solas o solteras.
-Justin always saying "dancers": bailarinas.
-Beyoncé expect that her dancers will be beautiful woman.
-Because they are Stepsons of the presenter.
-Stepson is in Spanish hijastros.
-No, but she dance with they a song.
-Yes, I like so much because is as a comedy.

La Teacher said...

Thank you so much for your comments!!!

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