Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson

As promised to Rocío, today we're remembering Michael Jackson.

Please let me show you his incredible performance of Bill Withers' Ain't No Sunshine. This was issued when Michael was 11 years old. Please keep in mind that in 1971 voice was recorded without sound effects. So this is really how he sang, there's no trick. Many versions have been made on this song, but certainly none can attempt to improve Michael Jackson's:

Here you can visit his YouTube channel, where you can access his most famous videos and see him dancing.

Finally, below you can listen to Heal The World and read its lyrics. A song full of good intentions.

Try to sing it. Can you reach Michael's notes? I don't think so.



Cayetano said...

Pobre Michael. El hombre que no tuvo infancia porque se la robó su padre; por eso se rodeaba de niños. No creo que fuera pederasta, sino alguien que quería recuparar algo que le fue robado.
Pobre Michael. El único negro racista consigo mismo. Evidentemente no se quería.
Descansa en paz.

La Teacher said...

Yes, Cayetano. Michael Jackson will now rest in peace.

Rocio said...

Michel Jackson was and be the king of the pop.When he died, he was the king of the pop, but now nobody has overcome it, because of it he be the king of the pop and I don´t think nobody overcome it. His sister is a singer, but she doesn´t is the queen. REST IN PEACE! (YN)


La Teacher said...

That's right, Rocío, none of his brothers or sisters is like him. All of them must thank their brother because they wouldn't have got so far without him.

Manuela. said...

I think that Michael Jackson was and will be the best singer for his form of dancing and his form of singing.
the lyrics of his songs are very good as ``They don't care about as`

La Teacher said...

If you like that song, take a lood at this version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2zf9npnQlQ

It is subtitled both in English and Spanish.

Have a nice holiday!

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