Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Simona Halep

Picture source: totalprosports.com

According to this article in totalprosports.com, 17 year-old tennis player Simona Halep is seriously considering plastic surgery to reduce her breasts. It seems that she would feel better and improve her way of playing. Actually, in certain cases there are medical reasons for breast reduction, as you can see in this article by webmd.com.

Nevertheless, the author is sorry for her decision because she may lose fans and compares her to her beautiful colleague Anna Kournikova:
"Anna Kournikova didn't need to be the best tennis player to make millions of dollars from it."
What do you think about this?
Would you prefer playing better or earning more money?
How would you feel if people only admired you for your physical appearance?
Would you undergo plastic surgery someday? Why?



Rocio said...

1.I think that each person is like. Everybody can do what they want to feel better.
2.Depends, if you like you sport and you have working in your favorite sport, you earn money working, but if you doesn´t like your work, I think is is better earning more money.
3.I don´t like people who are only concerned with physical appearance. Are superficial person.
4.I don´t know, but I think I will not, becouse I do not know how to get in the future, but each person is like and shouldn´t be changed.


La Teacher said...

Thank you so much, Rocio!

die Kunstlehrerin said...

It seems that there is a group in Facebook against her surgery >.<

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