Monday, September 28, 2009

New course 2009/2010 starts

Hello everybody!

Here we are starting a new course again. I am very pleased to welcome my new students from I.E.S. La Cabrera.

I am sure we will have a great time working together during this new year.

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die Kunstlehrerin said...

Wonderfull landscape! The only thing I dislike is that "I.E.S. and nothing more" Do you want me to add the name of the high school to that picture?

La Teacher said...

Mmmm, I see the full name. It may be a problem of screen size, maybe the right part of the picture is cut in your screen. I'll try to solve it. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

May name is Arturo.Iam fortyn years old.I lika play fotbool.
I from Navalafuente.
I lake studi in LA CABRERA

andrea said...

hello my name is andrea. the sing is i gotta feeling the black eyes peas ...jajaj bye bye

adrian said...

I am called adrian am 14 years old am of the ies the cabrera of 2 º course(year)

leticiaa said... name is leticia.I am forteen year ol..I am you student of 2`e``bye bye

veronica said...

hi¡¡¡ Irene .my name is veronica .I am you student of 2´e'.bye bye

debora sofia said...

hello my name is sofí favorite sport is favorite animal is the favorite color is the pinck and violet.

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