Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Your first "1st conditional" crazy stories

Well, here are the first stories you wrote by linking 1st conditional sentences. Which is your favourite? I'm really looking forward to reading more!

The little girl watching a horror film 

If a little girl watches a horror film, she will have nightmares. If she has nightmares, she will dream about her death. If she dreams about her death, she will be scared. If she is scared, she will start crying. If she starts crying, she will wake up her mother. If her mother wakes up, she will ask her “What’s up?” If her mother asks “What’s up?” she will answer that she is going to die soon.

The cat crossing the road 

If a cat crosses the road, it will die. If the cat doesn’t die, it will go to a Chinese shop. If it goes to a Chinese shop, it will see Ficre shaving. If it sees Ficre shaving, it will commit suicide. If it commits suicide, it will be Bin Laden’s cat. If it becomes Bin Laden’s cat, it will be a terrorist cat. So, if you see a cat in the road, kill it!!

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